EB Counter Series 542-Assembly Type Display Unit with Multiple Limit Setting

Series 542
  • Possible to produce 3-step/5-step X 7 kinds of tolerance output and limit value output independently for each of 7 channels.
  • Provided with serial BCD output capability, which makes the connection to a programmable controller or personal computer, etc. possible with the minimum cabling requirement.
  • Possible to perform dynamic measurement with the simplified analog output.
  • Employed the DIN size (96X48mm) and mount-on-panel configuration, which greatly facilitates the incorporation into a system.

Preset, tolerance judgment output (3/5-step X 7 kinds),
limit value output (2 kinds independently for each of the 7
channels), peak (maximum, minimum, run out) measurement,
diverse data output (serial BCD, simplified analog)
Tolerance judgment: L1 to L5, open-collector
Control: Normal operation signal (NORMAL), open-collector
External control signal input
Preset, display hold, peak value clear, tolerance judgment
BANK switch, open-collector or no-voltage contact signal
(with/without contact point)
Serial BCD: Bit-serial format, open-collector
Analog output: 2.5V + Counting value X voltage resolution
(25mV/2.5mV): Full-scale 0 to 5V
Digimatic input/output:
  • Connecting to the external switch box (No. 02ADF180)
    makes it easy to enter tolerance limits and preset values.
    Note) This can not be used when the gage is connected to
    a Mitutoyo DP-1VR Digimatic Mini-Processor
  • Possible to connect with a Mitutoyo DP-1VR Digimatic Mini-Processor.
  • Number of tolerance steps can be expanded by making a set of EB-D counters.
    Quantization error
    ±1 count
    Maximum input frequency
    1.25MHz (The response speed depends on the gage being used.)
    The response speed depends on the gage being used. (542-093)
    Power supply voltage
    DC+12 to 24V
    Power consumption
    6W (500mA) or less (Secure power supply more than 1A for each unit.)
    Optional Accessories
    02ADB440: I/O output connector
    02ADF180: 10-key unit
    936937: SPC cable (40”/1m)
    965014: SPC cable (80”/2m)
    02ADN460: AC adapter
    02ZAA010: Power Cable
    02ADD930: Terminal block connecting cable
  • Specifications
    Order No542-092-2542-093-2542-094-2
    Model EB-11PEB-11DEB-11Z
    Applicable inputDifferential square-waveDigimatic code (SPC)Differential square-wave w/origin point mark
    Applicable gageLGK, LGF, LGB, LGELGD, LGSLGF with origin point mark
    No. of gage input111
    Resolution .0005, .0001, .00005, .000005in 0.01, 0.005, 0.001, 0.0005mm.0005, .0001, .00005in 0.01, 0.001mm.0005, .0001, .00005, .000005in 0.01, 0.005, 0.001, 0.0005mm
    Tolerance judgment displayLED display(3steps:Amber,Green,Red
    5 steps:Amber,Amber flash,Green,Red flash,Red)
    LED display(3steps:Amber,Green,Red
    5 steps:Amber,Amber flash,Green,Red flash,Red)
    LED display(3steps:Amber,Green,Red
    5 steps:Amber,Amber flash,Green,Red flash,Red)
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