STRATO-Apex Series 355-High Accuracy CNC CMM

Series 355

State-of-the-art CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine that offers high-speed and high acceleration combined with highly accurate measurement to guarantee scanning performance. The machine rigidity and guide mechanism combined with the digital servo system and newly developed compensation technology combine to achieve a Maximum Permissible scanning Error equal to 1.8μm (MPETHP), with a Maximum Permissible scanning Time equal to 45 seconds (MPTTHP).

Ultra-high precision crystallized glass scales which has virtually no thermal expansion (coefficient of linear expansion 0.01 × 10-5/ °C) is combined with a high-performance reflective linear encoder with resolution of 0.00002mm to create the ultra-high accuracy measurement unit installed on each axis of STRATO-Apex. This is basically the same unit as used in the LEGEX Series of ultra-high accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machines. A unique securing method used for the scales minimizes the hysteresis error that can result from the difference in the coefficients of linear expansion between the installation plane and scale.

Vibration of the floor where the unit is installed shows up as measurement value variations. The STRATO-Apex Series comes equipped with a vibration damping unit that uses auto-leveling air springs. The vibration-damping unit not only prevents floor vibrations from reaching the main unit, but also has a function that uses a sensor to detect load changes caused by movements of the individual axes and placement of a workpiece and quickly restores the main unit to horizontal orientation.

Technical Data

Length standard

High-performance reflective linear encoder

Guide system

Air bearing

Max. Drive speed (3D)

20.43" (519mm)/second

Max. Acceleration


Air pressure


Air consumption


ISO10360 Test Parameters
SP25M Probe, Ø 4mm x L 50mm

Main Unit
Startup System

This machine incorporates a startup system
(relocation detection system), which disables operation when
an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is
relocated. Be sure to contact your nearest Mitutoyo
prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.

ModelSTRATO-Apex 574STRATO-Apex 776STRATO-Apex 7106STRATO-Apex 9106STRATO-Apex 9166
Order No.355-522-01355-502355-507355-512355-517
TypeMoving Bridge Type
High Accuracy
Moving Bridge Type
High Accuracy
Moving Bridge Type
High Accuracy
Moving Bridge Type
High Accuracy
Moving Bridge Type
High Accuracy
X-axis19.7" (500mm)27.6" (70mm)27.6" (700mm)35.4" (900mm)35.4" (900mm)
Y-axis27.6" (700mm)27.6" (700mm)39.4" (1000mm)39.4" (1000mm)63.0" (1600mm)
Z-axis15.7" (400mm)23.6" (600mm)23.6" (600mm)23.6" (600mm)23.6" (600mm)
Resolution0.0000019" (0.00005mm)0.0000008" (0.00002mm)0.0000008" (0.00002mm)0.0000008" (0.00002mm)0.0000008" (0.00002mm)
ISO10360-2:2009 (E0,MPE)(0.7+2.5L/1000)µm(0.9+2.5L/1000)µm(0.9+2.5L/1000)µm(0.9+2.5L/1000)µm(0.9+2.5L/1000)µm
ISO10360-4 (MPETHP/MPTTHP)1.3µm / 40 seconds1.8µm / 45 seconds1.8µm / 45 seconds1.8µm / 45 seconds1.8µm / 45 seconds
ISO10360-5:2010 (PFTU,MPE)0.7µm0.9µm0.9µm0.9µm0.9µm
Material GraniteGraniteGraniteGraniteGranite
Work Table Size26.61"x55.90"
(676mm x 1420mm)
33.93" x 55.90"
(862mm x 1420mm)
33.93" x 67.71"
(862mm x 1720mm)
41.81" x 67.71"
(1062mm x 1720mm)
41.81" x 91.33"
(1062mm x 2320)
Tapped InsertM8x1.25mmM8x1.25mmM8x1.25mmM8x1.25mmM8x1.25mm
Max. Workpiece Height 22.04" (560mm)30.31" (770mm)30.31" (770mm)30.31" (770mm)30.31" (770mm)
Max. Workpiece Weight396lbs (180kg)1102lbs (500kg)1763lbs (800kg)1763lbs (800kg)2645lbs (1200kg)
Mass (including stand and controller)3373lbs (1530kg)4177lbs (1895kg)4806lbs (2180kg)5313lbs (2410kg)6801lbs (3085kg)
Machine Dimensions WxDxH50.00 x 64.96 x 94.88"
(1270 x 1650 x 1270mm)
57.48 x 73.22 x 111.41"
(1460 x 1860 x 1460mm)
57.48 x 85.03 x 111.41"
(1460 x 2160 x 1460mm)
65.35 x 85.03 x 111.41"
(1660 x 2160 x 1660mm)
65.35 x 108.66 x 111.41"
(1660 x 2760 x 1660mm)
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