3-Wire Thread Measuring System

  • Fast and accurate method of thread measuring available for use with Micrometer
  • Measure set of threadplug gages and working thread plug gages
  • Monitor the wear on working thread plug gages
  • Monitor and control pitch diameter variation during thread fabrication
  • Reduce measurement time to a fraction of the time normally taken using the traditional threewire method
  • Use in conjunction with “Go” and “No Go”thread ring gages to control thread size to the most demanding specifications
  • Determine out of roundness and taper that may exist in threaded parts
  • Applications for preplating and post plating thread measurement.

    Tolerance of Wires:
  • Diameter +/- .000010
  • Roundness +/- .000010
  • Surface finish 2 micro inches AA, lapped.
  • Hardness HRC 59-64
  • Certification of accuracy included.
  • Traceable to NIST.
  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI and ISO specs.

Parts Break Down


Order NumberThreadsThread Diameter Inch
64AAA201120per inch.00481in
64AAA202100per inch.00577in
64AAA20395per inch.00601in
64AAA20490per inch.00642in
64AAA20580per inch.00722in
64AAA20672per inch.00802in
64AAA20764per inch.00902in
64AAA20856per inch.01031in
64AAA20950per inch.01155in
64AAA21048per inch.01203in
64AAA21144per inch.01312in
64AAA21240per inch.01443in
64AAA21336per inch.01604in
64AAA21432per inch.01804in
64AAA21530per inch.01925in
64AAA21628per inch.02062in
64AAA21727per inch.02138in
64AAA21826per inch.02221in
64AAA21924per inch.02406in
64AAA22022per inch.02624in
64AAA22120per inch.02887in
64AAA22218per inch.03208in
64AAA22316per inch.03608in
64AAA22414per inch.04124in
64AAA22513per inch.04441in
64AAA22612per inch.04811in
64AAA22711.5per inch.0502in
64AAA22811per inch.05249in
64AAA22910per inch.05774in
64AAA2309per inch.06415in
64AAA2318per inch.07217in
64AAA2327.5per inch.07698in
64AAA2337per inch.08248in
64AAA2346per inch.09623in
64AAA2355.5per inch.10497in
64AAA2365per inch.11547in
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