ABSOLUTE Dial Depth Gage Series 7200

  • Designed with a back plunger type dial indicator for upward facing readings. (7231, 7237T, 7238T)

Technical Data
Dial reading: 0.01mm or .001”
Flatness of base face: 5µm or 2µm
Contact point: Carbide-tipped ball point(needle point:7210, 7222)
Measuring force: 1.4N (2.5N: 7213, 7214, 7217, 7218)

Parts Break Down


Order NoImageRangeGraduationStrokeAccuracyExtension RodsBase WxThicknessFlatness
7217S7217S.jpg0-8in.001in1in.002in4 pcs.(.5,1,2,4 in)2.5x63in0.0002in
7218S-0-8in.001in1in.002in4 pcs.(.5,1,2,4 in)4x63in0.0002in
7237T-0-8in.001in2in.002in4 pcs.(.5,1,2,4 in)4x63in0.0002in
7238T7238.jpg0-8in.001in2in.002in4 pcs.(.5,1,2,4 in)2.5x63in0.0002in
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