ABSOLUTE Solar Digimatic Indicator ID-S Series 543-With Simple Design

Series 543
  • Mitutoyo unique ABSOLUTE sensor automatically restores the last origin position when the indicator is turned on. This allows quick-start operation, which is especially useful in multipoint measurement.
  • Measurement tool with a solar power source. Ready for use from 40 lux illumination.
  • As compact as Series 2 dial indicators.
  • SPC Output provided
  • Two large buttons (three on inch/mm models) improve functionality

Technical Data
Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications
Resolution: 0.01mm, 0.001mm, .00005”/0.001mm, or .0005”/0.01mm
Display: LCD
Length Standard: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance type linear encoder
Max. Response Speed: Unlimited
Measuring Force: Refer to the list of specifications
Battery: Solar Battery*
Dust/Water Protection Level: IP42
*can be used continuously above 40 lux

Origin Set, Counting Direction Switching, in/mm conversion

Optional Accessories
21EZA198: Lifting lever (mm)
21EZA199: Lifting lever (inch)
540774: Lifting cable
21EZA105: Lifting knob (mm)
21EZA150: Lifting knob (inch)
905338: SPC cable (1m)
905409: SPC cable (2m)
All Mitutoyo Series 2 standard backs

About the charge function: Reserve capacity allows a fully charged ID-S Solar to be used for about 3.5 hours under light conditions below the minimum level. The charging time differs depending on the environment, but it usually takes about 1.5 hours for a fully discharged ID-S Solar to fully recharge under light conditions of 500 lux.

Parts Break Down


Order No.ModelImageRangeResolution AccuracyStem DIAStem DIA INMeasuring ForceBack Type
543-501ID-S112MS543-501.jpg0.5"-12.7mm.00005"-0.001mm.0001in0.003mm8mm -1.5n OR LESSLug Back
543-501BID-S112MSB543-501B.jpg0.5"-12.7mm.00005"-0.001mm.0001in0.003mm8mm -1.5n OR LESSFlat Back
543-502ID-S112ES543-502.jpg0.5"-12.7mm.00005"-0.001mm.0001in0.003mm-3/8"1.5n OR LESSLug Back
543-502BID-S112ESB543-502B.jpg0.5"-12.7mm.00005"-0.001mm.0001in0.003mm-3/8"1.5n OR LESSFlat Back
543-506ID-S1012MS543-506.jpg0.5-12.7mm.0005"-0.01mm.001in0.02mm8mm -1.5n OR LESSLug Back
543-506BID-S1012MSB543-506B.jpg0.5"-12.7mm.0005"-0.01mm.001in0.02mm8mm -1.5n OR LESSFlat Back
543-507ID-S1012ES543-507.jpg0.5"-12.7mm.0005"-0.01mm.001in0.02mm-3/8"1.5n OR LESSLug Back
543-507BID-S1012ESB543-507B.jpg0.5"-12.7mm.0005"-0.01mm.001in0.02mm-3/8"1.5n OR LESSFlat Back
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