Back Plunger Type Dial Indicators Series 2

Series 2
  • Back plunger type dial gauges are suitable for mounting onto leveling machine tool tables or inspection jigs, and for use in small spaces where the graduations of standard dial gauges are difficult to see.
  • Models 2960T, 2961T, 2990T-10 and 2991T-10, which use Mitutoyo’s proprietary shock-proofing mechanism, have excellent durability and shock resistance.
  • Model 2990T-10 provides 0.001mm graduation.

Parts Break Down


GradRange / Full strokeDial ReadingOrder NoAccuracyForceRemarks
.0001in.008in/.01in4-0-42991T-10.0002in0.4-1.5NOne revolution type
Jeweled bearings
.0005in.04in/.05in20-0-202961T.0005in0.4-1.4NOne revolution type
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