Backs Optional Accessory for Digimatic and Dial Indicators

There are two ways to support Digimatic and dial indicators; by either holding the stem or the lug on the back of the indicator. The back of the indicator may need to be replaced for special applications. A wide variety of backs are available for Mitutoyo Digimatic and dial indicators.

    ID-S (543-6xx only)
    02ACB420: Lug-on-center back for ISO/JIS type
    02ACB430: Lug-on-center back for AGD type
    02ACB440: Flat back
    02ACB610: Back with post
    02ACB620: Adjustable back for AGD type
    02ACB630: Adjustable back (ISO/JIS type)
    02ACB640: Back with offset lug
    02ACB650: Magnetic back
    02ACB660: Back with screw mount for AGD type
    02ACB670: Back with screw mount (ISO/JIS type)
    02ACB680: Back with adjustable bracket

    Parts Break Down


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Flat BackFlat_Back.jpg
Lug On Center BackLug-on-Center-Back.jpg
Magnetic BackMagnetic_Back.jpg
Back With Offset LugBack_w_offset_lug.jpg
Back with a PostBack_with_Post.jpg
Back With a Screw MountBack_with_Screw_Mount.jpg
Adjustable BackAdjustable_Back.jpg
Back with DovetailBack_with_Dovetail.jpg
Back With Adjustable BracketBack_with_adjustable_bracke.jpg
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