CARBapex/CARBstrato Series 355-Car Body Measuring System CNC CMM

Series 355
The world’s largest class
The CARBapex and CABstrato series is a lineup of cost-effective horizontal type, large CNC CMMs, and offers the world’s largest class measurement range that makes it possible to measure even car bodies.
Single & Dual
Single and dual types are available to fit the intended use. Single type: Measure a workpiece with a single CMM from the CARBstrato series Dual type: Measure a workpiece placed between two simultaneously controlled CMMs from the CARBstrato series Also, since the height of the X-axis base of both the single type and the dual type is set lower, the required depth for the foundation before the installation is comparatively shallow.
Remarkable usability
The CARBapex series not only has remarkable usability, but also has the ability to enhance the safety operation by performing the procedures on the shop floor. The Y-axis spindle in the vertical direction is set lower in order to perform measurements at a lower workpiece setting height. In addition, the small cross-section of the Y-axis spindle reduces interference during measurement and expands the measurement area inside a car body.
Safety after the installation
Since the height of the X-axis base is set lower, the required depth for the foundation before the installation is comparatively shallow. Also, the structure is designed to avoid possible problems (both long-term and short-term) such as a problem caused by aging of the foundation (concrete) after long-term use or accuracy deterioration (short-term) resulting in the bimetal phenomenon caused by deformation of the foundation or the X-axis base due to the common environmental changes.
  • Line laser probe for non-contact measurement (SurfaceMeasure)
  • Measurement point search function, a necessity for car body measuring, is included in the metrology software
  • A variety of optional safety devices are available to enhance the operator safety. Build to order.

TypeLarge Horizontal Arm
High Precision
Large Horizontal Arm
High Precision
X-Axis Range 0-236.22in 0-6000mm0-236.22in 0-6000mm
Y-Axis Range 0-62.99in 0-1600mm0-62.99in 0-1600mm
Z-Axis Range 0-94.49in 0-2400mm0-94.49in 0-2400mm
AccuracySingle 25+28L/1000≤95µm
Dual 50+35L/1000≤120µm
Single 18+20L/1000≤70µm
Dual 38+30L/1000≤90µm
Dimensions144.54x163.19x275.59in 3666x4145x7000mm155.63x176.10x288.35in 3953x4473x7324mm
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