CERA Caliper Checker-SERIES 515

Series 515
  • The CERA Caliper Checker is designed to inspect vernier, dial and Digimatic calipers. It is comprised of permanently wrung, high-grade CERA gage blocks in a protective casting.
  • The CERA Caliper Checker also standsperpendicular to a surface for height gage inspection.
  • The zirconia-based ceramic CERA measuring blocks are corrosion-resistant and dimensionally stable.

Technical Data
Block pitch accuracy:
±0.005mm for range up to 300mm
±.0002” for range up to 12 “
±0.007mm for range up to 600mm
Parallelism of blocks:
0.002mm for range up to 300mm
0.004mm for range up to 600mm
Optional Accessories:
602162: Wooden case for 300mm model
602164: Wooden case for 600mm model

Parts Break Down


Order NumberImageRangeBlock Pitch Accuracy Parallelism Weight
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