CERA Straight Master SM-C Series 311-Straightness Measuring Instrument

Series 311
CERA Straight master is a master gage used for the straightness inspection of each axis movement such as a CMM, machine tool, semiconductor related equipment and form measuring machine.
  • Made from Alumina ceramic
  • 50mm/2” pitch gradation scales
  • Precision lapped measuring surface
  • Double faced type is lapping the double face which can be used for straightness in horizontal and vertical as a reference square.
  • Lightweight
  • Supplied with fitted wooden case.

Order NoTypeNominal LengthStraightness SizeMass
311-322-33High accuracy model16in0.3µm440x35x50mm1.8kg
311-325-33High accuracy model28in0.5µm740x35x50mm3kg
311-327-33High accuracy model40in1.0µm1040x45x80mm8kg
311-329-33High accuracy model52in1.5µm1340x45x80mm10kg
311-342-33Ultra high accuracy model16in0.2µm440x35x50mm1.8kg
311-345-33Ultra high accuracy model28in0.4µm740x35x50mm3kg
311-347-33Ultra high accuracy model40in0.5µm1040x45x80mm8kg
311-349-33Ultra high accuracy model52in0.7µm1340x45x80mm10kg
311-362-33Double faced model16in0.3µm440x45x80mm3.2kg
311-365-33Double faced model28in0.5µm740x45x80mm5.5kg
311-367-33Double faced model40in1.0µm1040x45x80mm8kg
311-369-33Double faced model52in1.5µm1340x45x80mm10kg
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