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Series Probe System
  • Fast scanning The MPP-310Q is a multi-functional probe designed for CNC coordinate measuring machines. It can not only perform a continuous path contact-type scanning measurement [a measurement method that implements a collection of a large amount of coordinate data while traveling along the path in contact with the workpiece] at V2≤0.3μm ( ireference value when the LEGEX series is installed ), but also high-accuracy point measurement ( ≤0.1μm: when the LEGEX series is installed, and data collection from a centering point measurement (shown below).
  • Omni-directional scanning The MPP-310Q has internally incorporated high-accuracy scales with a minimum resolution of 0.01μm for each direction (X, Y, and Z axes), which makes it possible to read the stylus displacement in any direction. The air bearing employed in the sliding section of each axis helps enable this probe with minimum directionality.

Order NoMPP-310QSP25MSP80
DescriptionThe MPP310Q is a multifunctional measuring head for CNC CMM’s. It not only performs continuous contact scanning measurements at V2≤0.3μm, it also allows highly precise point measurements and self centering measurements. The MPP- 310Q incorporates 0.01μm resolution high precision scales for each axis (XYZ). Air bearings on all axis ensures smooth measuring with minimal measuring force. Software controlled clamps in each axis eliminate probe deflection while scanning slanted or arched surfaces to reduce measurement errors. The MPP-310Q allows for contact force as low as 0.03 Newtons for sensitive workpieces or when using very small stylus tips. Scanning speed up to 120mm/second can be achieved on known path geometry. Stylus holder changing is supported with the SCR6.The SP25 is a compact high-accuracy scanning probe with an outside diameter of ø25 mm. This multi-functional probe is suitable for a CNC coordinate measuring machines that perform not only scanning measurement, but also high-accuracy point measurement, as well as data collection from a centering point measurement. The SP25M measuring head is extremely flexiable, in addition to its measuring accuracy at very low contact forces, the SP25M can be used with probe systems ranging in lengths from 20mm (SP25-1) up to 400mm (SP25-4). The SP25M can be used on a fixed probe head (PH6M), or a motorized probe head (PH10M/10MQ). Probe systems, probe module, and stylus holder changng is supported with the ACR3 and FCR25 rack changing systemsThe SP80 scanning measuring head is specially designed for extended length stylus with high accuracy measurement for lengths up to 500mm (measured in the vertical and horizontal directions). The multifunctional head for CNC CMM’s allows not only scanning measurements but also high-precision point measurments and self-centering measurements. Stylus holder changing is supported with the SCP80
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