CMM Surface Roughness Measuring CMM Surftest Probe

Series 178
New Product-CMM Surface Roughness Measuring

Mitutoyo has developed a wide range of surface roughness analysis product line-up from hand-held portable type up to CNC type Surftest with broader functions and higher accuracy. By utilizing the technologies developed over the years on surface roughness measuring machines, our Coordinate Measuring Machines can now execute surface roughness analysis by implementing a Surftest Probe and the dedicated software.

  • Can be attached to our CNC CMM (Retro-fitting is possible depending on the model)
  • The auto joint-probe system allows probe changing automatically between scanning (SP25M) and the CMM Surftest surface analysis probe. The measurement and evaluation of size, shape androughness, is completely automated with auto joint-probe changing.*
  • PH10M(Q) allows surface roughness measurement for features requiring rotation
  • The CMM Surftest Probe is derived from the successful Mitutoyo SJ-210/310 Series of Portable Surface Finish Units.


* Requires ACR3 change rack (OPTION)

Skid Measurement Specifications



Probe (Detector specifications)

Measurement range- AUTO,25,100,360 μm

Driving range- 17.5 mm

Measurement speed- 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 mm/s

Stylus tip radius- 2,5,10*μm *Standard-type detector only

Measuring force- 4mN (Std) , 0.75mN (Opt.)

Evaluation software

Analysis software- SURFPAK-SP

Control software- MCOSMOS

Miscellaneous- Multi-wire auto joint probe head required (PH6M, PH10M, PH10MQ)

NameCMM Surftest Probe
Package Order No.06AEN891
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