Caliper Type Micrometers - Series 343,143

Series 343
  • With Ratchet Stop for constant force.
  • With SPC output (Series 343).
  • With a standard bar except 0 - 25mm and 0 - 1” model.
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case.

Technical Data

Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.
Resolution*: 0.001mm or .00005"/0.001mm
Graduation**: 0.01mm / .001”
Flatness: 0.3ìm / .000012”
Parallelism: (3+R/75)ìm, R=max. range (mm)
[.00012” + .00004” (L/8)]”
L = Max, range (inch)
Measuring faces: Carbide tipped
Display*: LCD
Battery*: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882
Battery life*: Approx. 1.2 years under normal use
*Digital models **Analog models

Function of Digital Model

Origin-set, Zero-setting, Data hold, Data output, inch/mm
conversion (inch/mm models)
Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error

05CZA662: SPC cable with data switch (1m / 40”)
05CZA663: SPC cable with data switch (2m / 80”)

Parts Break Down


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