Comparator Stand Series 215

Series 215
  • Comparator Stands have a very stable, cast iron which enables precise measurement.
  • The partially serrated anvil prevents very flat work pieces from wringing to it and the 2.3µm flatness (or better) promotes accurate measurement.
  • The215-505-10model has a threaded column which enables easy and precise coarse adjustment.
  • Serrated anvils 110x110mm are supplied With 215-405-10, and 150x150mm with 215-505-10 models.

Optional Accessories
21JAA329: ø8mm bush*
21JAA330: ø9.53mm (3/8”) bush*
21JAA331: ø15mm bush*
* Only available for 215-505-10.

Parts Break Down


Order NoSquare anvil size(WxD)Column travelStem holeMassRemarks
215-405-10150x1509in 235mm.375.in22.5kgWith fine adjustment
over entire travel
215-505-10150x15011in 275mm.375/.787in23.0kgWith fine adjustment
over entire travel
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