Contracer CV-2100 Series 218-Contour Measuring Instruments

Series 218

• Newly designed high-precision digital ARC

scale improves the Z-axis accuracy and


• Quick-release grip handle allows for rapid

traverse in column Z-axis for CV-2100M4.

• Key operation buttons are now mounted

onto the X-axis drive unit, eliminating

wired remote box.

• X-axis traverse speed has been greatly

improved to 20mm/s allowing quick

positioning and set-up time.

• New added function for automatic stylus

up/down means high-volume repetitive

measurements are now capable with part


• Z-axis detector measuring range has been

improved to 50mm for both models.

• CV-2100N4 model can be mounted to

optional manual column stand or custom

fixture supplied by end user.      

Model No.CV-2100M4CV-2100N4
Order No. (inch)218-643A218-623A
X-axis measuring range0-4in 0-100mm0-4in 0-100mm
Z1-axis measuring range0-2in 0-50mm0-2in 0-50mm
Z2-axis vertical travel350mm-
X-axis inclination angle±45°-
ResolutionX-axis 3.93µin (0.1µm)
Z1-axis 3.93µin (0.1µm)
X-axis 3.93µin (0.1µm)
Z1-axis 3.93µin (0.1µm)
Measurement directionPush and pullPush and pull
Measurement surface directionDownwardDownward
Measuring force(3gf)(30±10mN)(3gf)(30±10mN)
Stylus traceable angle
(Standard accessory stylus)
Ascent 77°, Descent 87°
(Depends on the surface condition)
Ascent 77°, Descent 87°
(Depends on the surface condition)
External (WxDxH)29.3x 17.7x 34.8in
745x 450x 885mm
25.6x 5.63x 5.45in
651x 143x 138.5mm
Mass321.43lbs 145.8kg12.78lbs 5.8kg
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