Coolant Proof Micrometer Series 293-with Dust/Water Protection Conforming to IP65 Level

Series 293
Coolant Proof Micrometers MDC-MX Series
Twice as Long Battery Life as before and Drastic Improvement in Measurement Efficiency
  • IP65 protection level, enabling use in environments exposed to cutting oil, etc*.
    *Anti-corrosion treatment is required after use.
  • Measurement data output function is available with a water-resistant connection cable.
  • Auto power ON/OFF function. • Certificate of inspection* is included.
    (50mm/2” or less range models) *It is not the type used to obtain
    calibration certificates.
  • With a standard bar except for 0-25mm/0-1" model.
  • Supplied in fitted case. Plastic case up to 150mm/6",
    Wooden box over 150mm/6"

Technical Data
Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.
Resolution: 0.001mm or .00005"/0.001mm
Flatness: 0.3µm/.000012”
Parallelism: 1µm/.00004” for models up to 50mm/2”
2µm/.00008” for models up to 100mm/4”
3µm/.00012” for models up to 175mm/7”
4µm/.00016” for models up to 275mm/11”
5µm/.0002” for models over 300mm/12”
Measuring faces: Carbide tipped
Display: LCD
Battery: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882
Battery life: Approx. 1.2 years under normal use
(8 months: over 100mm models)
Dust/Water protection level: IP65

Origin-set, Zero-setting, Automatic power on/off, Data hold,
Data output, inch/mm conversion
(inch/mm models)
Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error

Optional Accessories
05CZA662: SPC cable with data switch (1m/40”)
05CZA663: SPC cable with data switch (2m/80”)

Parts Break Down


Order NoDescriptionImageRange Accuracy Remarks
293-330-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX293-330-30.jpg0-1in 0-25.4mm±.00005inwith ratchet stop
293-331-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-1-2in 25.4-50.8mm±.00005inwith ratchet stop
293-332-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-2-3in 50.8-76.2mm±.00005inwith ratchet stop
293-333-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-3-4in 76.2-101.6mm±.0001inwith ratchet stop
293-334-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-0-1in 0-25.4mm±.00005inWith SPC output Ratchet Thimble
293-335-30Coolant Proof IP65-MXw293-335-30.jpg0-1in 0-25.4mm±.00005inwith friction thimble
293-336-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-1-2in 25.4-50.8mm±.00005inwith friction thimble
293-340-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-0-1in 0-25.4mm±.00005inwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-341-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-1-2in 25.4-50.8mm±.00005inwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-342-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-2-3in 50.8-76.2mm±.00005inwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-343-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65293-343.jpg3-4in 76.2-101.6mm±.0001inwith ratchet stop w/o SPC
293-344-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-0-1in 0-25.4mm±.00005inwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-345-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-1-2in 25.4-50.8mm±.00005inwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-346-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-2-3in 50.8-76.2mm±.00005inwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-347-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-3-4in 76.2-101.6mm±.0001inwith ratchet thimble w/o SPC
293-348-30Coolant Proof IP65-MX-0-1in 0-25.4mm±.00005inwith friction thimble w/o SPC
293-350-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65293-350-10.jpg4-5in 101.6-127mm±.0001inwith ratchet stop
293-351-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65293-351-10.jpg5-6in 127-152.4mm±.0001inwith ratchet stop
293-352-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65293-352-10.jpg6-7in 152.4-177.8mm±.00015inwith ratchet stop
293-353-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65-7-8in 177.8-203.2mm±.00015inwith ratchet stop
293-354-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65293-354-10.jpg8-9in 203.2-228.6mm±.00015inwith ratchet stop
293-355-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65-9-10in 228.6-254mm±.0002inwith ratchet stop
293-356-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65-10-11in 254-279.4mm±.0002inwith ratchet stop
293-357-30Coolant Proof Micrometer IP65-11-12in 279.4-304.8mm±.0002inwith ratchet stop
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