Crysta-Apex S 500/700/900/1200 Series-191- Standard CNC CMM

Series 191
High accuracy in the 1.7μm class
The CRYSTA-Apex S is a high-accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine that guarantees a maximum permissible error of *E0,MPE = (1.7+3L/1000)μm [500/700/900 Series]. Comparing the CRYSTA-Apex S with CMMs offering *E0,MPE of approximately (2.5+4L/1000)µm where a required tolerance on a dimension is ±0.02 mm, then the measuring machine uncertainty should be no more than one-fifth (ideally one-tenth) of that, i.e. 4μm. This means that with a general-purpose CMM, when the measured length exceeds 14.8”(375mm), machine uncertainty exceeds one-fifth of the dimension tolerance in this case. In contrast, as shown in the figure on the right, with the CRYSTA-Apex S the measurement uncertainty remains within one-fifth of the dimension tolerance up to 30.2” (766mm). The higher accuracy specification of the CRYSTA-Apex S therefore gives it more than double the effective measuring range in terms of accuracy-guarantee capability in this case.
*ISO 10360-2:2009


Technical Data

Length standard

Linear encoder

Guide system

Air bearing

Max. Drive speed (3D)

20.47" (520mm)/second

Max. Acceleration

0.23G (500, 700,106,9166,9206  Series)


0.17G (9108, 9168, 9208, 1200 Series)

Air pressure


Air consumption

50L/min (500 series)


60L/min (700, 900 series)


100L/min (1200 series)

ISO10360 Test Parameters
SP25M Probe, Ø 4mm x L 50mm



Main Unit
Startup System

This machine incorporates a startup system
(relocation detection system), which disables operation when
an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is
relocated. Be sure to contact your nearest Mitutoyo
prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.



"Crysta-Apex S500""Crysta-Apex S700""Crysta-Apex S900"Crysta-Apex S1200
ModelCRYSTA-Apex S544CRYSTA-Apex S574
Order No.191-244-10191-248-10
TypeBridge TypeBridge Type
X-axis19.7" (500mm)19.7" (500mm)
Y-axis15.7" (400mm)27.6" (700mm)
Z-axis15.7" (400mm)15.7" (400mm)
Resolution0.000004" (0.0001mm)0.000004" (0.0001mm)
Guide MethodAir bearing on each axisAir bearing on each axis
Maximum Drive Speed 3D
Maximum Acceleration 3D
20.43”/s (519mm/s)
0.23G (2,309mm/s2)
20.43”/s (519mm/s)
0.23G (2,309mm/s2)
ISO 10360-2:2009 (E0,MPE)
64.4-71.6°F (18-22°C)1
60.8-78.8°F (16-26°C)2
(1.7+3L/1000)µm1 (1.7+4L/1000)µm2(1.7+3L/1000)µm1 (1.7+4L/1000)µm2
ISO 10360-4(MPETHP/MPTTHP)2.3µm / 50 seconds2.3µm / 50 seconds
ISO10360-5:2010 (PFTU,MPE)1.7µm1.7µm
Work Table MaterialGraniteGranite
Work Table Size25.11” x 33.86"
(638mm x 860mm)
25.11” x 45.67"
(638mm x 1160mm)
Tapped InsertM8x1.25mmM8x1.25mm
Max. Workpiece Height 21.46" (545mm)21.46" (545mm)
Max. Workpiece Weight396lbs (180kg)396lbs (180kg)
Mass (including stand and controller)1135lbs (515kg)1377lbs (625kg)
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH)42.60"x 44.17"x 86.02"
(1082 x 1122 x 2185mm)
42.60"x 40.86"x 86.02"
(1082 x 1458 x 2185mm)
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