Dial Gage Stand Series 7

  • Dial Gage Stands are designed for comparison measurements of size using a dial indicator or Digimatic Indicator.
  • Anvil of 7001-10 and 7002-10: Ø58mm Anvil od 7007-10:90mm square
  • Vertical fine adjustment is available with one-touch control thanks to the parallel spring suspension
Optional Accessories
101461: Hardened steel flat anvil
101462: Hardened steel serrated anvil
101463: Hardened steel domed anvil*
*Not available for7007-10

Parts Break Down


Order NoImageStem holeRemarksMass
7001-107001-10.jpg3/4inWith serrated anvil (101462)4g
7002-107002-10.jpg3/4inWith flat anvil (101461)4g
7007-107007-10.jpg3/4inWith square anvil5g
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