Digimatic Indicator ID-H Series 543-High Accuracy and High Functional Type

Series 543
  • This new-generation digital indicator offers the excellent accuracy and functionality expected from this class of indicator. Take advantage of its high accuracy backed up by 0.5ìm / .00002" resolution, remote control functionality via a handheld controller (or an RS-232C interface) and easy runout measurements with the well-established analog bar display.
  • The maximum, minimum, or runout value can be displayed during measurement.
  • GO/±NG judgment is performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances. If a judgment result is out of tolerance, the display backlighting changes from green to red, so tolerance judgment can be made at a glance.
  • With SPC data output.
  • With RS-232C input/output

Technical Data
Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.
Resolution: 0.0005mm/0.001mm or .00002”/.00005”/.0001”/0.0005mm/0.001mm
Display: LCD
Length standard: Linear encoder
Max. Response speed: 1000mm/s
Measuring force: 2.0N/2.5N* or less (*60mm range models)
Power supply: 6V DC (via AC adaptor)

Origin-set/Preset, Zeroset, GO/±NG judgment, Max/Min value hold, Runout measurement, Resolution switching, Counting
direction switching, Power ON/OFF, Data output, inch/mm conversion (on inch/metric models only)
Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error, Over-flow error, Tolerance limit setting error

Standard Accessories
06AEG180JA: AC Adapter 120v
137693: Lifting Lever

Optional Accessories
936937: SPC cable (40” / 1m)
965014: SPC cable (80” / 2m)
21EAA131: RS-232C cable (80” / 2m)
21EZA099: Remote controller
540774: Spindle lifting cable (stroke: .4” / 10mm)
21EZA101: Spindle lifting knob
264-504-5A: Digimatic Min-processor DP-1VR
543-004A: Digimatic presetter

*Required when orienting the indicator upside down

Parts Break Down


Order NoModel AccuracyRange Resolution
543-562AID-H530E0.0015mm0-1.2in 0-30.4mm.00002,.00005,.0001in 0.0005,0.001mm
543-564AID-H560E0.0025mm0-2.4in 0-60.9mm.00002,.00005,.0001in 0.0005,0.001mm
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