EB Counter-Single-function Type Series 542

Series 542
Simple Display, Multi-Step Go/No-Go Judgment, BCD Output and Analog Output
  • Produces 3-step/5-step, 7 types of toleranceoutput and limit value output independentlyfor each of 7 channels.
  • Comes with serial BCD output capability, for connection to a programmable controller or personal computer, etc.
  • Dynamic measurement possible with simplified analog output.
  • Employs DIN size (96×48mm) and mounton- panel configuration to facilitate system integration.

  • Preset
  • Tolerance judgment output (3/5-step, 7 kinds)
  • Limit value output (2 kinds independently for each of the 7 channels)
  • Peak (max., min., runout) measurement
  • Diverse data output (Serial BCD, Simplified analog, Digimatic)

    Optional Accessories
  • I/O output connector (with cover): No.02ADB440
  • AC adapter: No.02ADN460*
  • AC cable (USA): 02ZAA010*
  • Terminal connecting cable: No.02ADD930*
* Included in package Order No. The tolerance values or preset values can be easily input. No.02ADF180 (with 2m cable)
: Sign plus 6 digits (Green LED)
Tolerance judgment display: LED display (3 steps: Amber, Green, Red / 5 steps: Amber, Amber flashing, Green, Red flashing, Red)
Tolerance judgment output: L1 to L5, open-collector
Control output: Normal operation signal (NOM), open-collector
Control input: Presetting, display hold, peak value clear, tolerance judgment BANK switch, open-collector or novoltage contact signal (with/without contact point)

  • Interface:
    Serial BCD: Bit serial format, open-collector
    Analog output: 2.5V+Counting value× Voltage resolution (25mV/2.5mV): Full-scale 0 to 5V
    Digimatic input/output:
  • Connecting to the external switch box (No.02ADF180) makes it easy to enter tolerance limits and preset values. Note) This function is not available when the gage is connected to DP-1VR, Digimatic Mini-Processor.
  • It can only be connected to DP-1VR Digimatic Mini-Processor (No.264-504-5A).
  • Number of tolerance steps can be expanded by assembling EB-D counters.

  • Rating:
    Power supply voltage 12 - 24V DC
    Power consumption 6W or less (50mA max.)
    Ensure at least 1A is available per unit.

  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 40°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)/ –10 to 50°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation
  • External dimensions: 96(W)×48(H)×156(D)mm

Parts Break Down


Order No.(counter only)542-092-2542-094-2542-093-2
Package No.(counter w/AC Adapter)64PKA13464PKA13664PKA135
Applicable gage headLGF, LGK, LGE, LGB
(not compatible with reference point or sine wave output type models)
LGF with origin point markLGS, LGD, LGD-M
No. of gage input111
Quantizing error±1 count±1 count±1 count
Applicable inputDifferential square-waveDifferential square-wave w/origin point markDigimatic code (SPC)
Resolution .0005, .0001, .00005, .000005in 0.01, 0.005, 0.001, 0.0005mm.0005, .0001, .00005, .000005in 0.01, 0.005, 0.001, 0.0005mm.0005, .0001, .00005in 0.01, 0.001mm
Tolerance judgment displayLED display(3steps:Amber,Green,Red
5 steps:Amber,Amber flash,Green,Red flash,Red)
LED display(3steps:Amber,Green,Red
5 steps:Amber,Amber flash,Green,Red flash,Red)
LED display(3steps:Amber,Green,Red
5 steps:Amber,Amber flash,Green,Red flash,Red)
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