EC Counter-Single-Function Type Series 542

Series 542
Simple Display for LGD, LGS, or other Digimatic Gages, Go/NG Judgment and Output
• Produces 3-step/5-step, 3 types of tolerance output and BCD output.
• Employs DIN size (96×48mm) and mounton-panel configuration to facilitate system integration.

Technical Data
Applicable gage: LGD, LGS, All SPC output gages
Resolution: .00005"/.0001"/0.001mm,.0005"/.001"/0.01mm
No. of gage input: 1
Display: 6-digit LED and a negative [-] sign
Function: Preset
Output (open-collector):3-step limit signal, Normal signal
External control: Preset, Data hold
Power supply: Via AC adaptor
Dimensions (W x D x H): 96 x 48 x 84.6mm
Standard accessories: AC adapter No.06AEG302JA

Optional Accessories
  • Connecting cable for digimatic mini-processor:No.936937 (1m), No.965014 (2m)
  • DC plug PJ-2: No.214938
  • I/O cable (2m): No.C162-155

Parts Break Down


Order No542-007A
Applicable head/inputLGD,LGS,ID,SD, Digimatic code (SPC)
Resolution0.01mm (±9999.99)/.0005" (±99.9995") / .001" (±999.999") 0.001mm
(±9999.999) / .00005" (±9.99995") / .0001" (±99.999")
[automatic setting by gage]
Number of gage input1
DisplaySign plus 6 digits (Green LED)
Tolerance judgment displayLED display (3 steps: Amber, Green, Red)
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