Groove Micrometers - Series 146

Series 146
  • Flanged spindle for measuring width,depth, and location of grooves inside/outside bores, and tubes.
  • Provided with two types of graduations for inside and outside measurements.
  • Non-rotating spindle type has two directional ratchet stop.(Measuring force: 0.7 - 1.2N)
Technical Data
Accuracy: ±10µm / ± .0004”
Parallelism: 10µm / .0004”

Parts Break Down


Order NumberImageInside RangeOutside Range FlangeMassRemarks
146-131146-131.gif0.055-1.05in0-1inØ.25 in135gRotating spindle type
146-132-0.055-1.05in0-1inØ.5 in185gRotating spindle type
146-133146-133.gif1.05-2.05in1-2inØ.5 in175gRotating spindle type
146-134146-134.jpg2.05-3.05in2-3inØ.5 in165gRotating spindle type
146-135-3.05-4.05in3-4inØ.5 in160gRotating spindle type
146-231146-231.jpg0.055-1.05in0-0.001inØ.25 in135gNon-rotating spindle type
146-232146-232.jpg0.055-1.05in0-0.001inØ.5 in185gNon-rotating spindle type
146-233-1.05-2.05in1-0.001inØ.5 in175gNon-rotating spindle type
146-234-2.05-3.05in2-0.001inØ.5 in165gNon-rotating spindle type
146-235-3.05-4.05in3-0.001inØ.5 in160gNon-rotating spindle type
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