HR-320MS/430MR/430MS Series 963-Rockwell Hardness Machines

Series 300
  • The new frame design alllows the full 7.1” of specimen capcity without the need to cut a whole in the table.
  • Simple to operate; The digital HR320 model uses a flashing bar graph to indicate when the initial test force has been reached.
  • 430 models feature automatic brake and automatic start function that prevents overloading and begins test cycle. The HR430 model also includes the dial a weight system for easier load selection.
  • All models are complete with Flat and VEE anvils, diamond and 1/6” carbide ball indenters, 2 HRC and 1 HRBW Rockwell blocks (MR models)s or 3 Rockwell blocks and an HR30N and HR30TW for MS testers

    Technical Data
    Preliminary test force: 29.42N*, 98.07N
    Test force
    Rockwell superficial*: 147.1, 294.2, 441.3N
    Rockwell: 588.4, 980.7, 1471N
    Test force setting: By dial
    Load control: Automatic
    (loading, duration, unloading)
    Anvil: Flat (ø64mm)
    Max. specimen height: 7.1" / 180mm
    Max. specimen depth: 6.5" / 165mm
    (from the center of indenter shaft)
    Stage elevation: Manual
    Data output*: RS-232C, Digimatic code (SPC)
    Power supply: 120V AC, 50/60Hz
    *HR320-430 only

Parts Break Down


Order No.963-231-10A963-240-10A963-241-10A
Test ScalesRocwell and Rockwell SuperficialRockwellRocwell and Rockwell Superficial
StandardJIS B 7726 ISO 6508-2 ASTM E18-10JIS B 7726 ISO 6508-2 ASTM E18-10JIS B 7726 ISO 6508-2 ASTM E18-10
Preliminary Test Force 98.07N (10kgf), 29.42 (3kgf)98.07N (10kgf)98.07N (10kgf), 29.42 (3kgf)
Test Force Rockwell588.4N (60kgf), 980.7N (100kgf), 1471N (150kgf)588.4N (60kgf), 980.7N (100kgf), 1471N (150kgf)588.4N (60kgf), 980.7N (100kgf), 1471N (150kgf)
Test Force Superficial147.1N (15kgf), 294.2N (30kgf),441.3N (45kgf)-147.1N (15kgf), 294.2N (30kgf),441.3N (45kgf)
DisplayMatrix Backlight LCDMatrix Backlight LCDMatrix Backlight LCD
Hardness Min Value0.1 HR0.1 HR0.1 HR
Scale ConversionsHRC, HRB, HV, HBW, HS, Mpa plus offset, OK/NGHRC, HRB, HV, HBW, HS, Mpa plus offset, OK/NGHRC, HRB, HV, HBW, HS, Mpa plus offset, OK/NG
Total Test Force ControlAutomatic (loading, duration, unloading)Automatic (loading, duration, unloading)Automatic (loading, duration, unloading)
Loading MethodDead WeightDead WeightDead Weight
Load Duration (Dwell)Adjustable (1s to 99s) or ManualAdjustable (1s to 99s) or ManualAdjustable (1s to 99s) or Manual
Max. Specimen Height7.1in-1807.1in-1807.1in-180
Max. Depth6.5in-1656.5in-1656.5in-165
Data OutputRS-232C, SPCRS-232C, SPCRS-232C, SPC
Power Supply120V AC (±10%), 60Hz120V AC (±10%), 60Hz120V AC (±10%), 60Hz
Dimension (DxWxH)20.6x9.25x30.7in-523x235x780mm20.6x9.25x30.7in-523x235x780mm20.6x9.25x30.7in-523x235x780mm
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