HV110 / HV120 Series 810 Vickers Hardness Testing Macjines - Type B / D

Series 810
  • The Type B HV110/ HV120 Vickers hardness testers add computer control to make measurements even more repeatable.
  • A high-resolution 3 mega-pixel camera produces crisp images that are automatically measured in less than .3 seconds. SPECIFICATIONS
  • Various software functions such as automatic light intensity, simple to use report generator and programming wizards make tedious and repetitive testing requirements more accurate than manual testing and eliminates common operator errors.
  • The Type D HV110 / 120 adds a motorized X-Y stage with up to 100mm x 100mm of travel for large samples. A motorized focusing platform is also utilized for a complete walk away system.

Parts Break Down


*Other specifications as Type A testers
** Optional test forces may be required

ModelHV110 Main Unit OnlyHV120 Main Unit Only
Order No.810-443A810-448A
Test force9.807N (1kgf),19.61N (2kgf),29.42N (3kgf), 49.03N (5kgf), 98.07N (10kgf), 196.1N (20kgf)294.2N (30kgf), 490.3N (50kgf)2.942N (0.3kgf),4.903N (0.5kgf), 9.807N (1kgf),24.51N (2.5kgf),49.03N (5kgf), 98.07N (10kgf), 196.1N (20kgf)294.2N (30kgf)
Supported test methodHV, HK, HB (Light Force**), KcHV, HK, HB (Light Force**), Kc
Measuring microscopeOptionalOptional
Field of View w/10X Lens590 x 443 µm590 x 443 µm
Display Via PCVia PC
Curvature correction0.01 to 200.00mm0.01 to 200.00mm
Maximum sample height172mm Type B, 132mm Type D172mm Type B, 132mm Type D
Maximum sample depth160mm160mm
Maximum sample weight10 Kg Type B, 3 kg Type D10 Kg Type B, 3 kg Type D
Optical path100% Eyetube or Camera100% Eyetube or Camera
Mass110lbs. (50kg)110lbs. (50kg)
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