Height Master Series 515

Series 515
  • Models with staggered arrangement of block stack have two measuring faces on the same level, one facing up and the other down (except for 515-310).
  • Each Height Master is supplied with a gage block for zero-setting.
  • Supplied in fitted wooden case.

Technical Data
Graduation: .00001" or 0.001mm
Counter resolution: .001” or 0.01mm
Character Height: .16" / 4mm
Micrometer Head
Travel stroke: 1” or 20mm
Pitch: .025”/rev or 0.5mm/rev
Hysteresis: .00004” or 1ìm
Provided with inspection certificate.

Standard Accessories
Reference Block: 11mm for 515-322
Reference Block: .3" for 515-310, 515-311

Optional Accessories
515-112: Auxiliary block kit for bore gage (mm)
515-119: Auxiliary block kit for bore gage (for 515-310)
515-121: Auxiliary block kit for bore gage (for 515-311)

Order No515-310515-311
Range Inch.2-12.5".2-12.5"
Block Step.5(straight)"1(staggered)"
Block Pitch Accuracy.00005".00005"
Block Parallelism.00004".00004"
Weight47.1lbs. 23kg50.6lbs. 23kg
Micrometer Head Accuracy.00005".00005"
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