High Accuracy Check Master HMC-H Series 515

Series 515
  • Designed to check the accuracy of table movements of machine tools and calibrate CMMs. Permanently wrung stack of gage
    blocks is housed in a rigid frame.
  • Can be used in both vertical and horizontal
  • Fitted wooden case supplied.
  • Each measuring block is made of zirconia based ceramic that requires no anti-corrosion treatment for measuring faces.
  • Free from deterioration and dimensional changes over time.

Technical Data
Block pitch accuracy: ±1.2μm (0 < R ≤310mm)
±1.8μm (310 < R ≤610mm)
±2.5μm (610 < R ≤1010mm)
±4.0μm (1010 < R ≤1510mm)
Parallelism of blocks: 1.0μm (0 < R ≤450mm)
1.5μm (450 < R ≤1010mm
2.0μm (1010 < R ≤1510mm)
Provided with inspection certificate.
Optional Accessories
601167: Supporting base for vertical operation
(*supplied as a standard for 515-523 and 515-513)
Dimensions: 14.2"(W) x 8.7"(D) x 8.3"(H)
360mm(W) x 220mm(D) x 210mm(H)
Mass: 3kg

Order Number515-750515-751515-752515-753515-754
Block Pitch Accuracy Up To 12"5050505050
Block Pitch Accuracy 12-24"-70uin70uin70uin70uin
Block Pitch Accuracy 24-40"---100100
Block Pitch Accuracy 40-60"-----
Parallelism 40uin40uin60uin60uin80uin
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