Hub Micrometers - Series 147

Series 147
  • Measures hub thickness and shoulders inside a bore.
  • With Ratchet Stop for constant force.
  • With a standard bar except for 0 -25mm /0-1in model.
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case.

Technical Data

Graduation: 0.01mm or .001in
Flatness: 0.6ìm / .000024in
Parallelism: (2+R/100)ìm, R=max. range (mm)
[.00008” + .00004” (L/4)]”, L = Max. range (inch).
Measuring faces: Carbide tipped

Parts Break Down


Order NumberImageRange Accuracy
147-351147-351.jpg0-1in ±.0001in
147-352147-352.jpg1-2in ±.0001in
147-353-2-3in ±.0001in
147-354-3-4in ±.00015in
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