Inside Micrometers - Series 141 - Interchangeable Type

Series 141
  • Wide range of ID measurements with interchangeable rods.
  • Each interchangeable rod is marked with its measuring range.
  • The sizes of interchangeable rods can be adjusted with spacing collars.
  • Both micrometer head and furnished rods are satin-chrome finished throughout.

    Technical Data

    Metric Model
    Accuracy: ±(6+L/50)µm*
    * L=Maximum measuring length (mm) Fraction rounded up
    Inch Model
    *R=Maximum measuring length(inch)
    Fraction rounded up
    Graduation: 0.01mm or .001"

Parts Break Down


Order NumberImageRangeHead Travel Remarks
141-004-1-1.25in.25inwith carbide tipped face
141-012-8-9in1inwith carbide tipped face
141-028-2-2.5in.5inwith carbide tipped face
141-102141-102.jpg1-2in.25inwith 2 rods
141-104-1-2in.25inwith carbide tipped face
2 rods
141-121-8-20in1inwith 3 rods
141-122-8-40in1inwith 8 rods
141-208141-208.jpg2-8in.5inwith 3 rods
141-214-2-8in.5inwith carbide tipped face
3 rods
141-215-2-12in.5inwith carbide tipped face
5 rods
141-233141-233-Set.jpg2-12in.5inwith 5 rods
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