LSM-6200 Disply Unit Series 544

Series 544
Standard Display Unit for Laser Scan Micrometer
  • 2-axis display unit enables 2 items to be displayed simultaneously.
  • Capable of statistical analysis such as:average, maximum value, minimum value, range (max. - min.) and more.
  • Segment measurement (7 points) or edge measurement (1 to 255 edge) can be selected.
  • A function to eliminate abnormal values is standard.
  • 100 tolerance values, preset values, or settings can be stored.

    *1: The measuring range will be 0.1mm to 2mm in the 1 to 255 edge measurement mode or when activating the automatic workpiece detection with 544-531, 544-532. Each function has its combination limit.
    *2: The measuring range is 50μm to 2mm when using 544-531, 544-532.
    For smaller range, contact your local Mitutoyo sales office.
    ** Cannot be connected to 544-496A.
    ** Previous models such as 544-451 cannot be connected.

QUICKTOOL is a free software program that makes programming the LSM-6200 quick and easy. Basic data acquisition is also possible. Included as standard accessory. (Connecting cables to PC are optional)

Parts Break Down


Order No544-072A
Type inch/metric
Display16-digit plus 11-digit fluorescent display, and guide message LED
Segment1 to 7 (1 to 3, transparent) or 1 to 255 edges*1
Averaging timesArithmetic average: per 8 to 2048/ Moving average: per 32 to 2048
(Arithmetic average is per 16 to 2048 when using 544-531, 544-532)
JudgmentSelection from "target value + tolerance", "lower tolerance + upper tolerance", or "7 classes multi-limit tolerance zone".
Measurement modeStandby, Single measurement, Continuous measurement
Statistical analysisMaximum, Minimum, Average, Dispersion, (S.D)
Size335 (W)×134 (H)×250 (D)mm
Power supply120 V AC ±10%, 40VA, 60Hz
Standard I/FRS-232C, Analog I/O
Optional I/FDigimatic code output unit (2-ch), 2nd I/O analog I/F, BCD I/F
Operating environment0 to +45°C, RH 35 to 85% (no condensation)
OthersNominal setting, sample setting, selection of unnecessary digits, transparent object measurement*2, measurement of odd fluted parts, automatic measurement in edge mode, output timer, abnormal data elimination, SHL change, group judgment, simultaneous measurement, statistical processing, mastering, buzzer function, automatic workpiece detection (dimension/position)*1, zero-set/offset, dual measurement (optional)
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