Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-902/6900 Series 544

Series 544
Ultra high Accuracy Non-contact Measuring System
  • Non-contact laser-based measuring system, mainly for outside diameter measurement.Suitable for delicate or moving workpieces.
  • Accuracy of ±0.5μm in the ø0.1 - ø25mm range can be achieved. It is highly suitable suited for pin gage measurement.
  • Narrow range accuracy of ±(0.3+0.1 D)μm for high precision measurement.
  • Ultra-high repeatability of ±0.05μm.
  • The system consists of a measuring unit (LSM-902) and a display unit (LSM-6900).

Optional Accessories
  • Calibration gage set (ø1.0, ø25.0):                   No.02AGD180
  • Workstage :                                                      No.02AGD270
  • Adjustable workstage :                                     No.02AGD280
  • Digimatic code output unit (2-ch) :                  No.02AGC840
  • 2nd I/O analog interface unit :                          No.02AGC880
  • BCD interface unit :                                          No.02AGC910
  • Printer & cable set (120V AC C-type plug) : No.02AGD600B
  • Printing paper TP411-28CL / 1Pack = 10pcs :        No.223663
  • Digimatic code output cable :                                  No.936937
  • Foot switch :                                                          No.937179T

Order No544-496A Includes Both LSM-6900, LSM-902
Measuring Region Area .6in x 1.0in
Measuring Region Area mm*61.5x25mm
Measuring Range .004-1.0in 0.1-25mm
Repeatability*1.000002in 0.05 *2um
Number of Scans 800/sec
Laser Scanning speed2240in/sec(56m/sec)
Linearity, Whole Range*1± .00002” (±0.5µm)*3
Linearity, Small Range*1± (.000012 + .0001 ∆D)” [∆D:inch]*3 *4 ±(0.3 + 0.1 ∆D)µm [∆D:mm]*3*4
Range, Reading 0.00001-0.0005in 0.01-10um
Positional Error*1*5.000020in 0.5um
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