Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-9506 Series 544

Series 544
Bench Top Type Non-contact Measuring System
Optional Accessories
02AGD170 Calibration gage set (ø1.0mm, ø60mm)
02AGD680 Adjustable Workstage
02AGD580 Center support*
02AGD590 Adjustable V-block*
936937 SPC output cable (1m)
937179T Footswitch
264-012-10 USB Input Tool for spreadsheets (SPC cable also required)
*Use with an adjustable workstage.

    *1: Determined by the value for ±2σ at the measurement interval of 0.32 sec.
    *2: At the center of the measuring region.
    *3: An error due to workpiece shift either in the optical axis direction or in the scanning direction. L= Distance between
    the center of workpiece and the center of optical axis (in mm or inches).
    *4: The area given by "measuring range on the optical axis" x "measuring range in the scanning direction".
    *5: FDA Class II (544-116-1A) semiconductor laser for scanning (Maximum power: 1.0mW)

QUICKTOOL is a free software program that makes programming the LSM-6200 quick and easy.
Basic data acquisition is also possible. Included as standard accessory.
(Connecting cables to PC are optional)

Parts Break Down


Order No544-116-1A
PartsPart list LSM9506.pdf
Parts Break Down
Measuring Range .02-2.36in 0.5-60mm
Resolution.000002-.005in 0.00005-0.1mm
Accuracy*2 (20°C)Linearity (*2)
± .0001in (±2.5µm)
The optical axis direction
± .0001in (±2.5µm)
The scanning direction
±(.00008+L/10000)in [L:inch] (*3)
±(2.0+L/10)µm [L:mm] (*3)
Positional error*3 (optical axis/scanning direction)±2.5µm (±.0001")
L: Displacement between workpiece center and optical axis center
Measuring Area*4.02-2.36in 5-60mm
Scanning Rate 1600per sec
Laser wavelength650nm (Visible)*5
Laser scanning speed226m/s (8900" / s)
Display Unit16-digit dot matrix (upper column) + 7 segment 11-digit (lower column),guidance LEDs
Standard interfaceRS-232C, Digimatic code output unit (1ch)
Optional interfaceNo
Data OutputRS-232C,VO Analog Interface,SPC
Power SupplyAC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz, 40VA
Operating Enviorment0 to 40°C, RH 35 to 85% (no condensation)
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