Linear Gage LGB- Slim Series 542

Series 542
Resolution: 1μm
  • Compact form (ø8mm straight stem) is an optimal choice as a built-in type sensor.
  • The spindle guide uses high-precision linear ball bearings for extremely smooth movement and exceptional durability.
  • Nut clamp type is also available

Optional Accessories
  • Rubber boot (spare)
    For 5mm range models: No.238773
    For 10mm range models: No.238772
  • Extension cable (5m): 902434
  • Extension cable (10m): 902433
  • Extension cable (20m): 902432

Applicable Counters
542-075A EH-101P
542-071A EH-102P
64PKA131 EG-101P
64PKA134 EB-11P
64PKA137 EV-16P
542-074A EH-1025 (for single wave gages only)
*1: Required air pressure: 0.3 to 0.4MPa
*2: Spindle extends when air is supplied.
*3: Spindle retracts when air is supplied.
*4: Depends on the settings of the connected counter. Potential resolution down to 1µm.

Parts Break Down


Order NoTypeRangeAccuracyForceStem Dia
542-204L-shaped.2in 5mm2µm0.65N/0.6N/0.55N8mm
542-204HL-shaped.2in 5mm1µm0.65N/0.6N/0.55N8mm
542-222Straight.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N8mm
542-222HStraight.4in 10mm1µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N8mm
542-224Low measuring force.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N8mm
542-230 Air-driven contact point *1 *2.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N8mm
542-223Air-driven contact point *1 *3.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N8mm
542-401Sine-wave output type.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N8mm
542-244L-shaped.2in 5mm2µm0.65N/0.6N/0.55N9.5mm
542-262Straight.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N9.5mm
542-262HStraight.4in 10mm1µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N9.5mm
542-264Low measuring force.4in 10mm2µm0.6N/0.55N/0.5N9.5mm
542-270Air-driven contact point *1 *2.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N9.5mm
542-421Sine-wave output type.4in 10mm2µm0.8N/0.75N/0.7N9.5mm
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