Linear Gage LGB2 High Resolution,Slim, with Clamp nut Series 542

Series 542
(0.1μm resolution)
Slim type high-precision linear gage with resolution of 0.1μm. It is an optimal choice as a built-in type sensor.

High precision linear ball bearings are used in the spindle guide for extremely smooth movement and exceptional durability.

Optional Accessories
  • Rubber boot: No.238773 (spare)
  • Extension cable (5m): 902434
  • Extension cable (10m): 902433
  • Extension cable (20m): 902432
Applicable Counters
542-075A EH-101P
542-071A EH-102P
64PKA131 EG-101P
64PKA134 EB-11P
*1: IP Code is a standard which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects and water. This may not be applicable depending on the kind of liquid.

Parts Break Down


Order No542-246
Measuring Range .2in 5mm
Measuring accuracy (20°C)0.8µm
Measuring ForceContact point upwards-Approx. 0.55 or less
Contact point horizontal- Approx. 0.6N or less
Contact point downwards- Approx. 0.65 or less
Output signal90° phase difference, differential square wave (RS-422A equivalent)
Position detection methodPhotoelectric linear encoder
Response speed380mm/s
Dust/water resistance*Equivalent to IP54 (only gage head)
Contact pointCarbide ball (M2.5x0.45)/ Steel ball (4-48UNF)
Stem Dia9.5mm
Bearing typeLinear ball bearing
Output cable length2m
ConnectorPlug: RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE), Compatible receptacle: RM12BRD-6S (HIROSE)
Operating temperature (humidity) range10 to 30°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)
Standard AccessoriesWrench for contact point: No.538610 /Wrench for contact point: No.538610, Stem bushing
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