Linear Gage LGH - High Resolution,High Accuracy- Series 542

Series 542
0.01μm resolution
  • A gage head featuring a very accurate, ultra-high-resolution photoelectric linear encoder that approaches laser interferometer performance over its measuring range of 10mm. This head is suitable for measuring high-precision components and inclusion in high-accuracy positioning applications.
  • Relatively long range, very high accuracy and extreme resolution enable the head to act as a master gage for measuring-instrument calibration in many instances.
  • The compact design contributes to reducing measuring system costs and permits downsizing entire system configurations.
  • Linear encoder is highly resistant to being affected by unfavorable environmentalconditions, such as drafts and rapid atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity changes.
  • A low measuring force model is available (542-716A). As low as 0.12N can be selected, which enables measurement of easily-deformed workpieces or thickness of delicate films.
  • Responsivity has been improved by 2.8 times (250mm/s => 700mm/s) compared to the previous model.
  • Every LGH series gage is bundled with a dedicated counter.

    Optional Accessories
    • LGH stand: 971750
    • Stem fixture for fixing to top surface: 971751
    • Stem fixture for fixing to bottom surface: 971752
    • Spindle lifting cable: 971753
    • Rubber boot: 238772 (spare for 542-715)

  • I/O output connector (with cover): 02ADB440

    Parts Break Down


Order No542-715A542-716A
Range .4in 10mm.4in 10mm
Stem Dia15mm15mm
Remarks-Low measuring force
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