Linear Scales ABS AT1100 - Series 539

Series 539
General Mount Type, robust dustproof / waterproof structure
  • Electromagnetic induction principle means scales are unaffected by most contamination.
  • Absolute scales have eliminated the need for origin restoration and drastically reduced power consumption.
  • Drawings are available on request.

ModelABS AT1100
Detection methodElectromagnetic induction
Maximum effective range3040mm
Accuracy (at 20 ºC) (3+5L/1000)µm L= 140 to 2040mm
(5+5L/1000)µm L= 2240 to 3040mm
Maximum response speed3 m/s
Cross-section size85×37 (mm)
Thermal expansion coefficient˜ 8±1.5x10–6 / K
Vibration resistance (at 55 to 2000Hz)20g
Impact resistance (at 11ms, 1/2sin)35g L=140 to 2040mm
30g L=2240 to 3040mm
Compatible interfaces *1FANUC Corporation's Serial ai Interface (AT1153)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's High-speed Serial Interface (AT1143)
AT1100 Mounting DimensionsAT1100MTDIM.jpg
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