Linear Scales ABS AT715 Series 539-Slim Spar Type

Series 539
  • Electromagnetic induction principle means scales are unaffected by contamination.
  • Absolute scales have eliminated the need for origin restoration and drastically reduced power consumption.
  • Suitable for milling machines, XY tables, jigs, etc.

Optional Accessories
09AAB674A Extension cable 2m
09AAB674B Extension cable 5m
09AAB674C Extension cable 7m
174-183A 2-Axis KA Counter
174-185A 3-Axis KA Counter

ModelABS AT715
Detection methodElectromagnetic induction
Resolution.000020" - .001" (0.0005mm to 0.01mm)
(on the KA/KLD200 counter)
Effective range100 to 3000mm
Accuracy (at 20 ºC)±5µm (L0: 100 to 500mm), ±7µm (L0: 600 to 1800mm), ±10µm (L0: 2000 to 3000mm)L0: Effective range (mm)
Maximum response speed50m/min
Protection levelIP67
Sliding force5N or less
Extension cable (optional)Length 2m 5m 7m
Order No. 09AAB674A 09AAB674B 09AAB674C
Connectable counterKA Counter/ KLD200 Counter
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