Linear Scales AT103 Series 539-Standard Type

Series 539
  • Enhanced vibration-resistance and durability.
  • The innovative rubber lips keep out contaminants.
  • An armored signal cable is used to connect the scale unit to the DRO counter for safe operation in harsh shop environments.
  • The signal cable outlet can be positioned on either side of the detector head, allowing the signal cable to be connected from either direction A wide variety of measuring ranges are available in this standard type scale unit.
  • Connectable to the KA counter, KLD counter, or PSU-200.

    Optional Accessories
    09AAA033A: Extension cable (80” / 2m)
    09AAA033B: Extension cable (200” / 5m)
    09AAA033C: Extension cable (280” / 7m)
    174-183A 2-Axis KA Counter
    174-185A 3-Axis KA Counter

Order No.ModelEFF RangeSignal Cable Length
539-111-40AT103-100F0-4in 0-100mm120 in / 3m
539-112-40AT103-150F0-6in 0-150mm120 in / 3m
539-113-40AT103-200F0-8in 0-200mm120 in / 3m
539-114-40AT103-250F0-10in 0-250mm120 in / 3m
539-115-40AT103-300F0-12in 0-300mm120 in / 3m
539-116-40AT103-350F0-14in 0-350mm120 in / 3m
539-117-40AT103-400F0-16in 0-400mm120 in / 3m
539-118-40AT103-450F0-18in 0-450mm120 in / 3m
539-119-40AT103-500F0-20in 0-500mm120 in / 3m
539-121-40AT103-600F0-24in 0-600mm120 in / 3m
539-123-40AT103-700F0-28in 0-700mm120 in / 3m
539-124-40AT103-750F0-30in 0-750mm120 in / 3m
539-125-40AT103-800F0-32in 0-800mm120 in / 3m
539-126-40AT103-900F0-36in 0-900mm120 in / 3m
539-127-40AT103-1000F0-40in 0-1000mm200 in / 5m
539-128-40AT103-1100F0-44in 0-1100mm200 in / 5m
539-129-40AT103-1200F0-48in 0-1200mm200 in / 5m
539-130-40AT103-1300F0-52in 0-1300mm200 in / 5m
539-131-40AT103-1400F0-56in 0-1400mm200 in / 5m
539-132-40AT103-1500F0-60in 0-1500mm200 in / 5m
539-133-40AT103-1600F0-64in 0-1600mm200 in / 5m
539-134-40AT103-1700F0-68in 0-1700mm200 in / 5m
539-135-40AT103-1800F0-72in 0-1800mm200 in / 5m
539-136-40AT103-2000F0-80in 0-2000mm200 in / 5m
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