Linear Scales AT203 Series 539-Standard Type

Series 539
  • The travel length of the linear scale is output with 2-phase square wave signals, which can be used as a feedback signal for NC machine tools.
  • The pulse signal unit (PSU) is no longer needed, and the AT203 can be directly connected to an NC machine tool.

Model: AT203
Effective range: 4" to 240" / 100 to 6000mm (42 models)
Accuracy: (20°C)
Effective range: 100 to 1500mm (3+3L0/1000)μm
Effective range: 1600 to 3000mm (5+5L0/1000)μm
Effective range: 3250 to 6000mm (5+8L0/1000)μm
Output signal Two 90° phase-shifted square wave signals
Maximum response speed: 120m/min (50m/min when the effective range is 3250 to 6000mm)
Resolution: 0.1/0.5/1μm (Switchable by the DIP switches)
Scale reference point Output in 50mm pitch
Protection level: IP53
Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C

Order NoModelRangeSignal Cable Length
539-411-30AT203-1000-4in 0-100mm200 in / 5m
539-412-30AT203-1500-6in 0-150mm200 in / 5m
539-413-30AT203-2000-8in 0-200mm200 in / 5m
539-414-30AT203-2500-10in 0-250mm200 in / 5m
539-415-30AT203-3000-12in 0-300mm200 in / 5m
539-416-30AT203-3500-14in 0-350mm200 in / 5m
539-417-30AT203-4000-16in 0-400mm200 in / 5m
539-418-30AT203-4500-18in 0-450mm200 in / 5m
539-419-30AT203-5000-20in 0-500mm200 in / 5m
539-421-30AT203-6000-24in 0-600mm200 in / 5m
539-423-30AT203-7000-28in 0-700mm200 in / 5m
539-424-30AT203-7500-30in 0-750mm200 in / 5m
539-425-30AT203-8000-32in 0-800mm200 in / 5m
539-426-30AT203-9000-36in 0-900mm200 in / 5m
539-427-30AT203-10000-40in 0-1000mm200 in / 5m
539-428-30AT203-11000-44in 0-1100mm200 in / 5m
539-429-30AT203-12000-48in 0-1200mm200 in / 5m
539-430-30AT203-13000-52in 0-1300mm200 in / 5m
539-431-30AT203-14000-56in 0-1400mm200 in / 5m
539-432-30AT203-15000-60in 0-1500mm200 in / 5m
539-433-30AT203-16000-64in 0-1600mm200 in / 5m
539-434-30AT203-17000-68in 0-1700mm200 in / 5m
539-435-30AT203-18000-72in 0-1800mm200 in / 5m
539-436-30AT203-20000-80in 0-2000mm200 in / 5m
539-437-30AT203-22000-88in 0-2200mm200 in / 5m
539-438-30AT203-24000-96in 0-2400mm200 in / 5m
539-439-30AT203-25000-100in 0-2500mm200 in / 5m
539-440-30AT203-26000-104in 0-2600mm200 in / 5m
539-441-30AT203-28000-112in 0-2800mm200 in / 5m
539-442-30AT203-30000-120in 0-3000mm200 in / 5m
539-443-30AT203-32500-130in 0-3250mm200 in / 5m
539-444-30AT203-35000-140in 0-3500mm200 in / 5m
539-445-30AT203-37500-150in 0-3750mm200 in / 5m
539-446-30AT203-40000-160in 0-4000mm200 in / 5m
539-447-30AT203-42500-170in 0-4250mm200 in / 5m
539-448-30AT203-45000-180in 0-4500mm200 in / 5m
539-449-30AT203-47500-190in 0-4750mm200 in / 5m
539-450-30AT203-50000-200in 0-5000mm200 in / 5m
539-451-30AT203-52500-210in 0-5250mm200 in / 5m
539-452-30AT203-55000-220in 0-5500mm200 in / 5m
539-453-30AT203-57500-230in 0-5750mm200 in / 5m
539-454-30AT203-60000-240in 0-6000mm200 in / 5m
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