Linear Scales AT211 Series 539-Slim Spar and High-speed Type

AT211-A (Multipoint mounting), AT211-B (Double-end mounting)
  • High-resolution, high-accuracy sealed type linear scales. Most ideal for feedback control in positioning a semiconductor manufacturing system, CNC machine tool, etc.
  • Two types of models are available: the AT211-A, the multiple-point installation type designed for improved resistance against vibration and shock, and the AT211-B, which attaches to a machine at both ends. The AT211-B is compatible with the AT111 slim type in size.

  • This is a slim, sealed, 2-phase, squarewave scale that can be directly connected to a control unit.
  • Scale alarm display LED allows for easy maintenance.
  • A wide range of specifications to best suit your application.
  • Suitable for the control of semiconductor manufacturing systems and NC machine tools.

Model: AT211
Effective range* 4 to 60" / 100 to 1500mm (20 models)
Accuracy: (20°C)*
(3+3L0/1000)μm L0: effective range (mm)
(2+2L0/1000)μm (L0≤500mm)
Output signal Two 90° phase-shifted square wave signals
Maximum response speed:* 5.4 to 120m/min (varies depending on the resolution or minimum edge interval)
Resolution:* 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.5/ 1.0/ 2.5/ 5.0μm
Scale reference point:* 50mm/Center point/Left-edge point/Right-edge point
Protection level: IP53
Operating temperature: 0 to 45°C
* Desired specification is selectable.

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AT211ALinear Scale
AT211BLinear Scale
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