Linear Scales ST36 Series 579-High Accuracy Type

Series 579
  • Outputs two-phase sinusoidal wave signal, two-phase pulse signal, and 1Vp-p at 4μm pitch.
  • High accuracy type, 0.5μm class (effective range up to 300mm)
  • Has a thinner detector head (thickness 11.5mm).
  • The maximum effective measurement range of 3000mm enables use on large machines.
  • 4 different types available for each signal output specification.
  • LED display function for indicating signal errors.
  • Along with the output specifications of 2-phase sinusoidal wave and 2-phase square wave, the output specification of 1Vp-p wave is also available.

*2 Maximum response speed when the sinusoidal signals are output

Detection methodReflective photoelectlic linear encoder
Output signalST36A: 2-phase sinusoidal signals
ST36B: 2-phase square wave signals, Alarm reset input
ST36C: 2-phase square wave signals, 2-phase sinusoidal signals
ST36D: 1Vp-p differential sinusoidal signals
Main scale grating pitch8µm
Signal output pitch4µm
Effective range10 to 3000mm
Resolution0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1µm
Accuracy (20°C)*1±0.5µm, ±1µm, ±2µm(/m)
Maximum response speed*21200mm/s
Scale reference pointCenter point (10 to 80mm)
50mm pitch (100 to 3000mm)
Power supply voltageDC5V ±5%
Operating temperature/ humidity range0 to 40°C/ 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Storage temperature/ humidity range–20 to 60°C/ 20 to 80% (no condensation)
Head cable length1m (high-flex connecting cable)
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