Linear Scales Series ABS ST700 Series 579 General-purpose Type

Series 579
  • Absolute measurement with exposed scales
  • Non-contact detection is optimal for high speed and high acceleration devices such as linear motors.
  • Electromagnetic induction principle means scales are unaffected by water and oil contamination
  • The detector head is approximately 1/3 the previous model size:50mm (W) × 28mm (D) × 11mm (H)
  • Cable outlets can be in four directions, with mounting holes on the top and sides
  • Accuracy (5+5L/1000)μm, glass scale: (3+3L/1000)μm (previous models: (8+5L/1000)μm) L: Effective range (mm)
  • Compatible with servo amplifiers from a range of companies (high-speed serial interfaces)
  • Signal adjustment at installation is automatically performed with dedicated software.

Feedback cable
  • Yaskawa Electric Corporation serial cable can be used as the feedback cable to connect to a Yaskawa Electric Corporation servo amplifier. Cable model number : JZSP-CLP- (03, 05, 10, 15, 20)
  • For the feedback cable to connect to a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation MR-J2S/MR-J3, contact Mitutoyo with the following code numbers.
    For the MR-J2S 5m : No.06ACF116A 10m : No.06ACF116B
    For the MR-J3 5m : No.06ACF117A 10m : No.06ACF117B

ModelABS ST700ABS ST700
Scale typeScale base typeGlass scale type
Resolution0.1µm (0.05µm to special order)0.1µm (0.05µm to special order)
Detection methodElectromagnetic induction ABS linear encoderElectromagnetic induction ABS linear encoder
Max. effective range6000mm1100mm
Accuracy (20°C)5+(5L/1000)µm L: Effective range (mm)3+(3L/1000)µm L: Effective range (mm)
Maximum response speed5m/s5m/s
Linear expansion coefficient(12.0±1.5)×10-6/ ºC
(When the material of the mounting
components is steel or equivalent)
(8±1.0)×10-6/ ºC
Power supply voltage5V±10% (at the detection head)
(Ripple + spike noise component should be less than 100mV.)
5V±10% (at the detection head)
(Ripple + spike noise component should be less than 100mV.)
Operating temperature/ humidity range0 to 50°C, RH 20 to 80%0 to 50°C, RH 20 to 80%
Storage temperature/ humidity range–20 to 70°C, RH 20 to 80%–20 to 70°C, RH 20 to 80%
Protection LevelIP65IP65
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