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MCOSMOS Mitutoyo Controlled Open Systems for Modular Operation Support

MCOSMOS by Mitutoyo is a proprietary metrology suite of inter-related modules and dedicated expansion modules for the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Since the first deployment of GEOPAK in the 1980’s, on the MS-DOS platform; then migrated in the 1990’s to Windows NT, 2000, XP; and today, supported world-wide in 37 locations around the globe supporting 12 different languages; MCOSMOS is the world's standard in metrology software. (A proud Microsoft Gold Partner)
Developed by MiCAT (Mitutoyo Intelligent Computer Aided Technology) your Mitutoyo CMM is streamlined with intuitive user interfaces that provide a familiar look and feel to operate multiple modules. They work together seamlessly to put reliable metrology at your fingertips – for application throughout the entire production process.
MCOSMOS allows integration among a whole series of applications, improving the efficiency of your CMM and the productivity of your Quality Control functions. Specific expansion modules dedicated to GEOPAK or for specific applications such as GEAR measurement, Airfoil analysis, Reverse Engineering and integrating CAD with metrology.

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