Magnetic Stand Series 7

Series 7
Mitutoyo's Magnetic Stands accept all dial indicators and dial test indicators. The On-Off switch offers instant mounting and dismounting without any adverse effect to the indicators or workpiece surface.

Parts Break Down


Order NoImageDescriptionApplicable holding stem dia.Dovetail grooveClamping ForceRemarks
7010S7010S.jpgMagnetic standø6mm, ø8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)-600N-
7011BN7011BN Stand.jpgMagnetic standø6mm, ø8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)-600NWith fine adjustment
7011S-107011S-10.jpgMagnetic standø4mm, ø8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)Provided600NWith fine adjustment
7012-107012-10.jpgMagnetic flexi-standø6mm, ø8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”-600NFor dial test indicator
7014-107014_7014E.jpgMini magnetic standø6mm, ø8mmProvided-Without magnet ON/OFF
7014E-107014E_.jpgMini magnetic standø6mm, ø8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)Provided-Without magnet ON/OFF
7031B7031B.jpgUniversal magnetic standø6mm,8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)Provided300N-
7032B7032B.jpgUniversal magnetic standø6mm,8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)Provided600N-
7033B7033B.jpgUniversal magnetic standø6mm,8mm, ø9.53mm (3/8”)Provided600NWith mechcanical locking system
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