MeasurLink Gage Management-64AAB478

Gage Management is essential for monitoring the calibration history of a gage. Periodic adjustments may be required to bring a gage into specification.

Gage Management
A Microsoft® Windows®-based gage calibration tracking software. It is networkable and saved in a database. This assists users in developing, maintaining, organizing, and managing information about their gages. Information such as gage in-service dates, calibration recall dates, gage R&R dates and general gage event history is provided in an intuitive interface with complete reporting abilities. MeasurLink® Gage Management also supports the creation of vendor contact and user lists. It comes equipped with a “smart” calendar that allows you to define working days. Calibration procedure setup is easy and incremental response methods help to achieve optimal calibration frequencies. Customized gage label printing is supported.

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64AAB478MeasurLink® 8 Gage Management
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