MiCAT Planner Automatic Measurement Program Generation Software

MiCAT Planner is Mitutoyo’s latest software development for fast and efficient CMM part
programming. Operation of MiCAT Planner is easy and intuitive. Programs are made with a
few mouse clicks in jminutes instead of hours or days.
1) Load design model
2) Select target CMM
3) Part placement via virtual alignment
4) Measurement program creation
5) Translate to Geopak MCOSMOS
In order to generate a measurement plan, GD&T information attached to the 3D Design
Model is needed. Design Model formats marked “w/PMI” will read GD&T information created
in the CAD system and stored in the Design Model file. Design Model formats without PMI
can be annotated with GD&T in MiCAT Planner.
Design Model Support:
• Siemens NX w/PMI
• CATIA v5 w/PMI
If the Design Model does not contain GD&T information, or the information is incomplete,
GD&T information can be added or edited with MiCAT Planner with the following:
• Add new GD&T to an existing feature
• Add GD&T to a new feature
• Edit exiting GD&T information
• Modify display of GD&T in 3D view

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