Micrometer Heads Series 148-Fine Spindle Feeding of 0.25mm/rev

Series 148

• Fine spindle feeding of just 0.25mm/rev for
  extra-fine adjustment and positioning.

Technical Data
Graduations: 0.01mm
Spindle pitch: 0.25mm
Spindle face: Spherical of SKS3
(more than HRC60), lapped surface
Scale surface: Hard-chrome plating
Fixture thickness for clamp nut:6mm

Parts Break Down


Order NumberImageRangeAccuracyStem/Spindle face
148-132148-132.jpg0-13mm±2µmPlain/Spherical (SR4)
148-133-0-13mm±2µmw/clamp nut/Spherical (SR4)
148-322-0-6.5mm±2µmPlain/Spherical (SR4)
148-323-0-6.5mm±2µmw/clamp nut/Spherical (SR4)
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