Micrometer Heads Series 151 Common Type in Middle Size with 8mm Dia Spindle

Series 151
  • 8mm diameter spindle for heavy duty use.
  • Ratchet stop for constant force.
  • Carbide tipped measuring face.

Technical Data
Graduations: 0.01mm, 0.001mm, .001" or .0001"
Spindle pitch: 0.5mm
Spindle face: Flat with carbide tip
(more than HRA90), lapped surface Scale surface: Hard-chrome plating
Fixture thickness for clamp nut: 25.5mm

Parts Break Down


Order NumberImageRangeAccuracy Stem Diameter Stem /Spindle faceRemarks
151-237-0-1in±.0001in.5inw/clamp nut/Flat (carbide tip)w/vernier (.0001in)
151-238151-238.JPG0-1in±.0001in.5inPlain/Flat(carbide tip)w/vernier (.0001in)
151-239-0-1in±.0001in.5inw/clamp nut/Flat (carbide tip)-
151-240-0-1in±.0001in.5inPlain/Flat(carbide tip)-
151-241-0-1in±.0001in.5inPlain/Flat(carbide tip)w/o ratchet stop
151-242-0-1in±.0001in.5inw/clamp nut/Flat (carbide tip)w/o ratchet stop
151-243-0-1in±.0001in.5inPlain/Flat(carbide tip)w/vernier (.0001in)
151-244-0-1in±.0001in.5inw/clamp nut/Flat (carbide tip)w/vernier (.0001in)
151-271151-271.jpg0-2in±.0002in.5inw/clamp nut/Flat (carbide tip)-
151-272-0-2in±.0002in.5inPlain/Flat(carbide tip)-
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