Micrometer Heads Series 153-Fine Graduation and High Accuracy

Series 153
  • Fine graduation and high resolution model.
  • Large thimble micrometer head with non-rotating spindle.
  • Bidirectional graduation for easy reading in both directions.
  • Carbide tipped measuring face.

Technical Data

Graduations: 0.0005mm or .00001"
Spindle pitch: 0.5mm
Spindle face: Flat with carbide tip
(more than HRA90), lapped surface
Scale surface: White anodized aluminum

Parts Break Down


Order NumberImageRangeAccuracyStem Diameter Stem/Spindle faceRemarks
153-302153-302_Box.jpg0-1in±.00004/.00002in.709inPlain/Flat(carbide tip)Bidirectional graduation
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