Optional Accessories for Roundtest

Series 211
Optional Accessories
211-032:Quick chuck (OD: 1 - 79mm, ID: 16 - 69mm)
211-014:Three-Jaw chuck (OD: 2 - 78mm, ID: 25 - 68mm)
211-031:Micro-chuck (OD: 1.5mm max.)
356038:Auxiliary stage for a low-height workpiece
211-016:Reference hemisphere
211-045:Magnification checking gage
997090:Gauge block set for calibration
12AAH320:X-axis stop
211-013:Vibration damping stand

12AAH181:Printer paper 10 rolls/set
358592:Element for air filter 1 pc./set
358593:Element for air regulator 10 pcs./set

Roundtest Optional Accessories
Order NumberImageModelSpecs
178-025178-025.jpgVibration isolatorVibration isolation method: Air suspension, diaphragm isolation system.
External dimensions (W x D x H): 750 x 550 x 57mm
211-013211-013.jpgVibration damping stand-
211-014211-014.jpgCentring chuck(key operated)Suitable for holding longer parts and those
requiring a relatively powerful clamp.
Holding capacity: Internal jaws: OD = 1 - 35mm, ID = 33 - 85mm External jaws: OD = 30-80mm.
External dimensions: ø157 x 76mm
Mass: 3.8kg
211-016211-016.jpgReference hemisphere
  • Used for checking accuracy.
  • Roundness:0.08µm
  • Comes with the error compensation data
  • Mass:1.43 lbd.(0.65kg)
  • 211-045211-045.jpgMagnification calibration gageUsed for normalizing detector magnification
    by calibrating detector travel against displacement
    of a micrometer spindle. Maximum calibration range: 400µm
    Graduation: 0.2µm
    Mass: 4kg
    211-052211-052.jpgQuick chuckQuick chuck (OD:1-79 mm, ID:16-69mm)
    211-053211-053.jpgV-blockV-block jig A (for Ø50mm)
    211-054211-054.jpgV-blockV-block jig B (for Ø50mm)
    211-055211-055.jpgOD/ID mating jigOD/ID mating jig (for Ø10mm)
    350850350850.JPGCylindrical squareUsed for checking and aligning
    table rotation axis parallel to the Z-axis column.
    Squareness: 3µm
    Straightness: 1µm
    Cylindricity: 2µm
    Roundness: 0.5µm
    356038356038.JPGAuxiliary workpiece standUsed for measuring a workpiece whose
    diameter is 20mm or shorter and whose
    height is 20mm or lower.
    997090997090.jpgMaganification checking kitA combination of gage blocks and an optical flat.
    Standard accessory for RA-H5100 and RA-H5100CNC
    998382998382.jpgOrigin-point gageA gage for zero setting of the R-axis and Z-axis.
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