Outside Micrometers Series-103 METRIC

Series 103
  • Hammertone-green, baked-enamelfinished frame.
  • Ratchet Stop for exact repetitive readings.
  • With a standard bar except for 0-25mm model.

Technical Data

Graduation: 0.01mm, 0.001mm
Flatness: 0.6µm for models up to 300mm
1µm for models over 300mm
Parallelism: (2+R/100)µm, R=max. range (mm)
Measuring faces: Carbide tipped

Parts Break Down

  Note:Models with a range up to 1000mm are available

Order NoRangeAccu.MassRemarks
103-1290-25mm±2µm175gWith ratchet stop/0.001mm reading is obtained with vernier.
103-13025-50mm±2µm215gWith ratchet stop
103-1370-25mm±2µm175gWith ratchet stop
103-13825-50mm±2µm215gWith ratchet stop
103-139-1050-75mm±2µm315gWith ratchet stop
103-140-1075-100mm±3µm375gWith ratchet stop
103-141-10100-125mm±3µm515gWith ratchet stop
103-142-10125-150mm±3µm665gWith ratchet stop
103-143-10150-175mm±4µm720gWith ratchet stop
103-144-10175-200mm±4µm920gWith ratchet stop
103-145-10200-225mm±4µm1,080gWith ratchet stop
103-146-10225-250mm±5µm1,255gWith ratchet stop
103-147-10250-275mm±5µm1,405gWith ratchet stop
103-148-10275-300mm±5µm1,565gWith ratchet stop
103-149300-325mm±6µm1,985gWith ratchet stop
103-150325-350mm±6µm2,155gWith ratchet stop
103-151350-375mm±6µm2,305gWith ratchet stop
103-152375-400mm±7µm2,455gWith ratchet stop
103-153400-425mm±7µm2,715gWith ratchet stop
103-154425-450mm±7µm2,965gWith ratchet stop
103-155450-475mm±8µm3,215gWith ratchet stop
103-156475-500mm±8µm3,450gWith ratchet stop
103-913-50-Click Accessories Button-mm---
103-914-50-Click Accessories Button-mm---
103-915-10-Click Accessories Button-mm---
103-927-10-Click Accessories Button-mm---
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